ESi Player Optimisation Program

Together with our experience in football and our expertise in education, psychology and coaching, we have developed a Player Optimisation Program which utilises a psychometric tool called the Emotional Sports Inventory (ESi) developed by RocheMartin. The ESi is the world’s first and most recognised assessment tool to measure the key sports performance competencies compiled through the assessment of the world’s top athletes.

The ESi Player Optimisation Program is designed for an elite athlete or player who may be:

  • Exceptionally talented but is lacking in emotional strength and control
  • At the top of their game and keen to develop even further
  • Struggling to fully succeed in their current sport
  • On the verge of going up the next level to take on a leadership role, or;
  • A senior athlete or player who wants to sustain their peak performance.

Utilising the results of the ESi, we focus on providing athletes with new insights, knowledge and understanding of themselves – rather than “guessing” at the possible causes of what motivates a player, why they experience frustration in some situations and not others, when they lose focus or concentration and where they lack confidence, the ESi identifies the specific root causes of what subsequently can be observed as behavioural lapses or deficiencies. We also identify and build on their inherent EQ strengths.

Emotional Intelligence determines if athletes are able to:

  • Be mentally tough enough to remain self-motivated and sustain competitive energy
  • Take emotional control in response to frustration and disappointment
  • Stay mentally alert and focused to deal with distractions and stress
  • Maintain purpose that enables them to reach beyond current limits and attain their highest goals
  • Understand how negative emotions are holding them back in competition situations

The ESi report then provides insights to better inform the player of these areas, giving specific coaching tips for the player and/or their coach in order to overcome any potential areas of weakness. We then translate these new insights into positive action through proven education, coaching methodologies and support systems to enable the athlete to achieve sustained success at the elite level of sport.

Outcomes from this program:

  • Help the most talented athletes be the best performers by identifying and developing Sports EQ competencies.
  • Identify performance strengths to leverage further success and surface any potential weaknesses which may require development.
  • Enhance the personal and professional long-term development of the individual athlete.
  • Utilise the psychological data with coaches to create a more professional overall coaching approach with access to a world-class tool to assess and develop the mental key performance indicators in athletes – thus developing the complete athlete.

Contact us for a customised ESi Player Optimisation Program to meet your individual needs.