The Life-Max 360 Program

The Life-Max 360 Program is based on the model developed by the AFL Players Association which is referred to as “Max 360”. The Life-Max 360 Program uses the Max 360 framework and applies a customised and in-depth professional set of activities that addresses each of the elements contained in this model. Life-Max 360 is designed to ensure that athletes are well prepared to manage themselves throughout their sporting career and they are also well prepared for life and a career when their professional sporting days have finished.

Aims of LifeMax 360™

  • Ensures every Athlete is well prepared for life and a career both during and after their on-field sporting career
  • Enables athletes to think holistically and make decisions based on objective information about the life / work / educational possibilities available to them;
  • Uses a structured approach to the implementation of a digital media and personal brand strategy and provides planning and coaching support by qualified professionals

The relationship with their Life-Max 360 Coach will be established early in their sporting career to give the player or athlete a strong sense of professional support for their wellbeing and their future career beyond their days of competitive sport.

The Life-Max 360 Program addresses a whole-of-life perspective and gives every athlete the opportunity for a successful life during their sporting career and beyond. The professional support offered throughout this 12 month Program includes sessions on planning, coaching and psychological support. It is an individually tailored program with regular reporting of outcomes to parents, the Player Agent/Manager and any relevant Coaches or other personnel nominated by the athlete.

The Life-Max 360 Framework includes the following elements:

  1. Getting Organised (implementing personal and professional self-management skills)
  2. Learning and Growth (engaging in appropriate educational or work experience programs)
  3. Financial Ownership (understanding basic financial management and future proofing)
  4. Personal Brand (identifying personal values and strengths and displaying these to others)
  5. Resilience and Thriving (building skills, knowledge and networks to become resilient, manage stress and bounce back or know where to get help when needed)

Contact us for a customised LifeMax 360 program to meet your individual needs.