360 degree assessment and feedback

Becoming a more effective leader often requires changing behavior. Doing so can be uncomfortable for participants—but if there isn’t a significant degree of discomfort, the chances are that the behavior won’t change. A 360 degree assessment helps people to understand how others observe their behaviour in key areas of leadership competencies; an invaluable form of personal and leadership growth and development.

Our programs incorporate the use of a variety of psychometric assessments and 360 degree feedback tools that provide insight and understanding of the mind-sets that underpin behavior.

RocheMartin – Emotional Capital Report (ECR and ECR 360). The individual and 360 degree versions of the ECR can be conducted on-line and will take approximately 20 minutes for the participant to complete. The ECR written feedback report provides a comprehensive interpretation of scores on 10 emotional intelligence skills linked to leadership behaviours.

The key benefits of the ECR and ECR 360:

  • Validity scales that measure report accuracy
  • Explanations on leadership behaviours associated with each score
  • Tailored coaching strategies for developing EQ and leadership skills

The ECR 360 degree feedback testing/rating is typically conducted twice in order to gain a relatively objective measurement of progress and behaviour change that has taken place over a 9 – 12 month period.

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