Leadership Development

Leadership Development Programs

The development of leaders within an organisation is the greatest investment that can be made for the future success of a business and this applies in all market sectors - government, the private sector and the not-for-profit sector. The combined backgrounds of the facilitators at ISC in the areas of management and leadership experience and or professional expertise as coaches position us extremely well to be able to provide leadership development programs to your organisation. We will ensure relevance and consistency of our workshops and coaching sessions through our internal feedback and evaluation methodologies. We are well resourced to provide a coordinated program through professional support and ongoing communication with all participants and in meeting your desired outcomes

A 2015 survey by Deloitte – Leadership: Why a Perennial Issue? (Global Human Capital Trends, Feb, 2015) – found that 86 per cent of businesses surveyed rated leadership as their most critical issue. Every organization; from start-ups to growing SME’s, government and major multinationals need to actively and continuously build exemplary leadership skills in their teams – this is what will help them achieve their strategy, grow operations, develop their people and achieve the optimal level of performance, productivity and customer service.

What is the best way to develop your leaders ? There exists an enormous volume of literature and research on leadership (Google the term “leadership” and you get about 619,000,000 results) and there are numerous approaches to the development of leaders within an organisation.

Companies can avoid the most common mistakes in leadership development and increase the odds of success by following these 5 key learning principles :

-Matching leadership competencies to the organisational context at hand; -Embedding leadership development in real work; -Thoroughly investigating the mind-sets that underpin behavior;

  • Providing ongoing coaching support; and -Monitoring the impact of the program over time.

A bespoke approach is required because each of your senior people have their own unique strengths and development needs. They are each at different stages of their career, they each have their own aspirations for leadership, they each have their own individual style, technical expertise and creative expression, and they each manage different teams of people within the organisation.

Thus, it is important that your leaders experience a development program that caters for some common elements of understanding of leadership that they feel are most relevant to the group and the organisation. It is also culturally important that they have shared experiences which help bind executive teams and those opportunities are built into the programs we deliver.

Our programs have a strong emphasis on individual coaching and development that addresses each of the leader’s individual needs. This is best done in a structured and measurable way with each individual in the program. Furthermore, to ensure that there is consistency and shared learning we intersperse the program with relevant interactive Workshops, some of which will have topics chosen by the leaders.

In addition, we are acutely aware that there is the reality of the daily operational business imperatives which take priority and accordingly we understand that your people will not want to be tied up in classroom style workshops for extended periods.

We offer a collaborative methodology that gains the “ownership” and “buy-in” from participants as it caters for each participant’s specific needs as well as the leadership goals to which the company aspires.

Contact us for a customised Leadership Development Program to meet your individual needs.